Sunshine Award

Good Day, Sunshine (although I personally prefer clouds and drizzle)

I was generously nominated for this award by Obscure Dreamer on April 7th. If you haven’t come across this blog of dreams I highly recommend it. Thank you Obscure Dreamer for this nomination. May the odds forever be in your favor.

Here is my attempt to follow the rules of the award. (There’s always a catch.)

The rules: include the award’s logo in the post, link the person, who nominated you, answer 10 quick questions (this is the agonizing part) you can find below, nominate 10 other bloggers, linking them on your post, and let them know by commenting on their blogs.

Here we go!

10 Questions:

Favorite color: Dark

Favorite animal: Cat

Favorite number: 11

Favorite non-alcoholic drink: Anything cold, carbonated, and with caffeine.

Prefer Facebook or Twitter? I hate and use them both with equal disdain.

My passion: Creating – as you can see from my blog, I just won’t stop. I am always in the middle of creating something. Music, Video, Painting and even writing. I often run three computers at once. One will be rendering video, another uploading music, while the third is updating websites or blog. When they all max out, I will start up my iPad to play a game or create an new Zenbrush work.

Prefer getting or giving presents: I prefer giving sontaniously – like when I see something that truly matches my image of someone, instead of the necessary holidays.

Favorite pattern: Checker

Favorite day of the week: Friday

Favorite flower: Poppy

Now, onto the nominations:

Donna Rocks

Lifeforce Tarot

Steampunk Jewelry


Chrissy Shannon


Is this really just a cyber chain letter?


~ by wizardnow on April 7, 2012.

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